Re-Connect To Your Spirit and Life Mission

For women who are ready for a holistic turbo boost.

Announcing my…

Re-Power Program.

Break Free From Emotional Eating, Release Weight & Get Fit In A Loving, Pleasurable Way and live the life you dream of. 

Every woman deserves to have radical health, happiness and success. My holistic Body Mind Re-Powerment program will help you unhook from unwanted, unhealthy eating patterns; reconnect to your sizzling spirit and re-vive your body from the inside out.

Re-Connect with your spirit & life mission.

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I’m excited that you’ve decided to forever change your relationship with your body and yourself. It’s time to break free from the unnecessary burdens, to overcome the obstacles that entangle you and keep you from being healthy and living your purpose.

I invite you to be open to a new paradigm for health. One that uses pleasure as a tool and integrates spirit, mind and body.

My coaching is customized to help you… 

Re-Program & update the mind to be inline with current reality & goals.


  • break free from emotional eating & stress eating
  • lovingly lose unwanted weight
  • learn how to trust your body and inner wisdom
  • increase your energy & vitality “body bank account”
  • embrace your feminine & increase joy & pleasure
  • discover & correct nutritional imbalances
  • improve restful sleep
  • gently cleanse the body from toxins that keep you holding on to fat
  • feel more in love with yourself and proud of who you are

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This is not a “let’s play it by ear” program. It’s structured and we’ll take actionable steps to create the most successful


First, we start by re-connecting you to your spirit. This activates your desire on a cellular level, cultivating a giddy child-like buzz about your journey.

Re-Program & update the mind to be inline with current reality & goals.

Second, we update your belief system to support your health and body goals. Using NLP, PSYCH-K and guided meditation, we will unhook you from the anchors that are keeping you stuck. This will free you up to pursue your best healthy body and life with ease and grace.

Re-Vive the body with high-vibration nourishment & healing movement.

Re-vive the body with high vibration nourishment and movement.

Lastly, we move deeper into body work and exercise that heals and moves your body into a powerful place w/o causing strain and drain. If need be, we’ll look at possible food intolerances, liver congestion and cleansing options.

Together we’ll progress in a way that works just for you.

  • No gimmicks.
  • No calorie restricting BS.
  • No slaving away at the gym.
  • No short-term tricks.

You will be supported on all levels from day one. However, I find clients experience more success when following this specific sequence: spirit, mind, body.

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For trailblazers…

You Receive:

6 months of customized coaching = 12 one-on-one coaching sessions (2, 60 minute calls or skype sessions per month)
Value: $3600

Bonus: Unlimited email support: this is like having me on “beck and call.” Got a quick question or need to get something off your chest, or want to send me an email sharing your accomplishments? No problem. Value: priceless

Plus, 3 15-minute “support me now!” calls = good for a quick question from the grocery store, or during an acute emotional eating episode or guidance during a particularly challenging moment.
Value: $225

Your investment: $1997


6 payments of $333, on automatic withdrawal every 30 days for 6 months.

Erin HugginsRe-Power