Hypnotherapy and NLP

Hypnotherapy and NLP for Body and Lifestyle Transformation

For years I’ve used these tools with clients who invest in coaching packages to help them reach their health, body or lifestyle goal. But, for the first time ever I’m offering them to clients as single customized sessions.

The mind and body can not be separated.

One of the ways my coaching is unique and offers advantages is because of the mental conditioning modalities I utilize in my practice along with tangible, left brain nutrition tools and protocols. Joseph pilates famously said, “It’s the mind that shapes the body.”  Not only does the mind shape the body, but it also shapes every aspect of our lives.

Your success depends on both understanding the steps to take and having the belief and subconscious programming to support your goal.  You know you are operating on outdated “internal programming” when you continue to come up against “roadblocks.” You must update your “internal software” if you want to reach your lifestyle goal. In other words, your subconscious mind must synchronize with “I want to feel energetic and motivated in life,” or “I want to lose 20 pounds.” If you don’t believe you deserve those things, due to limiting beliefs, you will jump from diet to diet, coach to coach, healer to healer and continue to self-sabotage.

I use a variety of techniques to help release limiting beliefs and imprint the subconscious with new self serving beliefs.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP, short for Neurolinguistic Programing is a technology based on understanding how the brain codes life experiences into patterns of behavior.  An NLP practitioner helps clients release past programing that at one time was appropriate, but may currently be holding you back from reaching your goals.

Hemispheric Integration

We record memories, events, images and experiences in two unique and separate pictorial images in our brain. Our right brain literally interprets life differently from our left brain. Our right brain is responsible for emotional big picture thinking and the left brain is responsible for logical,  linear thinking.

However, one side of our brain usually dominates over the other. When this happens we are limited in our choices and personal issues are often unresolved, keeping people feeling “stuck.”


Hypnotherapy is a one of the oldest methods for (re) programing the subconscious. Unlike NLP or HI where you are completely awake and conscious, in hypnotherapy you are in a deep trance state that allows access to your subconscious mind. You are still 100% aware and in complete control of your environment and situation, however you are in a deep “sleep state.” People often experience a feeling of deep relaxation, euphoria and peace. The subconscious knows everything about an individual, therefore it is a very valuable tool for helping people achieve change as it will provide both the practitioner and the client with the exact tools and steps necessary for that change to occur.

Hypnotherapy sessions require a short “pre-session” in order for a customized session to be created for an individual.  All Hypnotherapy sessions are recorded for your future use and benefit.

December and January Special Rates…

*Please NOTE: All sessions purchased now will be scheduled for January. *I am booked-out until January 1st. 2013.

Single Session $149

3 pack $299 (save $148)

What to expect

Make sure you are in a quiet undisturbed place for your session. It’s best to be on the phone with earbuds or to have the call on “speaker.” All clients outside of the USA will be called via Skype.

Important Details

  • allow 60 – 90 minutes per session
  • 24 hour cancelation policy
  • all sales final

Email Erin at erin @ erinhuggins.com for questions or to schedule your Hypnotherapy “pre-session.”

Erin HugginsHypnotherapy and NLP