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Below you’ll find instant downloadable workouts, ebooks, mp3’s and links to group weight loss and nutrition tele-classes.

Pilates Videos

With nearly 2 million views to my videos online, you can now quickly and easily have access to full length, full body pilates videos in an instant. These are not DVD’s but rather available to download or view once you have purchased. Below is a mixed level pilates video. A beginner pilates video is also FREE with purchase. Both videos are 30 minutes in length. Enjoy!

Video Sneak Peak

Lose Weight Build Wealth

Is your weight, lack of energy, health and self-esteem keeping you from being productive and prosperous? The LWBW program is a DIY program for women looking to bust out of their shell, lose weight naturally, increase self-worth.

Weight Loss eBook

My most popular program. Operation Shape Shift is all about fat loss psychology and teaches you how to train your brain to get the body you want. Adopting techniques from sports psychology used my professional and olympic athletes – OSS will jumpstart the motivation and confidence you need to say goodbye to the bad habits and easily start new ones. As one user said, “Operation Shape Shift has changed my life!”

Operation Shape Shift comes in an instant download ebook format.

Includes FREE copy of Ego Maniac MP3!


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The MP3 “Ego-Maniac” is included in OSS.

Get rockstar confidence & the motivation to achieve your goals while you sleep with this 30 minute guided meditation. 


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Get fat loss motivation while you sleep with this 30 minute guided meditation. 


Learn to love exercise while you sleep with this 30 minute guided meditation. 



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