Why Your Diet Isn’t Working

You’ve spent gobs of money on fitness gadgets, diets and workout gear. ¬†You’ve hired the best health guru in town. You’ve stocked your pantry with vitamins – they even know you by name in the vitamin section of the health food store – and you’re still not “shredded,” and fitting into your size 6 wardrobe you’ve been holding onto. You’ve counted calories, points, carbs and grams. You’ve gone gluten free, egg free, dairy free, fruit free, nut free, meat free, sugar free… You only eat solid meals on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, smoothies on Tuesday and Thursday and you fast on the weekend. You weigh yourself every morning, take your measurements once a week and can’t wait to get your body fat tested. Just one question. Are you happy? And I mean the kind of happiness that you feel in your bones. The kind that makes your heart open so wide you wake up in awe everyday and can’t believe this is your life. Is your spirit satiated? I’m not saying that diet and exercise don’t matter. They do. But is your mind and body congruent? You can’t expect radiant health and easy, sustainable weight loss if the frequency you’re operating on is one of fear and desperation. How can you expect your body to release weight if it doesn’t feel safe and loved? “The obsession will end because you care enough about yourself to stop damaging yourself with food. Because you love yourself enough to stop hurting yourself. Who doesn’t want to take care of what they love?” – Geneen Roth  

Erin HugginsWhy Your Diet Isn’t Working