Could you use some help with cravings?

I just wrapped up another extremely successful Sugar Smackdown tele-class. Many dress sizes down, dozens of pounds dropped, energy increased and lives transformed. But many of you out there are still stuck. I work with women all over the world who feel they have no control over eating certain foods. It’s a common story… You’re stressed out at work and the candy in the break room acts as an instant stress buster. Then after a long day at work, you get home exhausted and can’t say no to chips and ice-cream. And one afternoon you and your man get into an argument and before you know it, you’ve eaten 5 “mini” candy bars. Cravings and emotional eating can be confusing, distracting and at times debilitating. Willpower over cravings and eating habits like this will not work. That’s because, there’s a long standing “brain pattern” around eating this way. You need to “unhook” this habit and interrupt this pattern where it’s formed — deep inside your subconscious mind. Yes. You can break-free from food cravings and reactive emotional eating. Many clients find my process “cures” their cravings instantly. I’m going to share the technique I use with my private clients. To get it, join me this upcoming Tuesday night Oct. 4th at 5pm pst. for a free group tele-call. You’ll want to subscribe to my newsletter list (see box above right) and call in details will be emailed to my newsletter subscribers the day of the call. If you have unbearable cravings, a food compulsion or if you’re simply feeling “stuck” in this area, you will want to be on this call. See you Tuesday night! Erin

Erin HugginsCould you use some help with cravings?