Before I started working with Erin I was lost. Completely lost. I’d read so much about food, eating healthy and losing weight that I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I had been a vegetarian for 17 years, ate my vegetables, whole grains etc, but still managed to gain a lot of weight. Very confusing for me.  Erin opened doors for me. She convinced me to start eating meat again. Just to give it a try. A hard thing to do for me, but I did it anyway. And although sometimes I’m still struggling with the idea of eating animals, I must admit I feel a lot better. For the first time in years I didn’t have ‘my usual winter depression’, my skin (used to be very dry) got better, my eczema is almost gone and some of allergies are gone too! I love how Erin sees the bigger picture. That’s she’s not just focussing on fast weight loss, but on your entire body, mind and soul. It’s all connected.  My mind had to change too in order for me to lose weight and become healthier. Now, after six months of hard work (tough love) and learning a lot, I’ve lost 20 pounds (!) and I feel so much better. It’s still a learning process (that’ll never stop, I guess) but I now more about how to take better care of myself and that I am worthy. I’m very grateful for everything! I can’t thank you enough, Erin! – Mo

“I really love the Sugar Smackdown program , I recommend it to everyone I know. I want to thank you for the amazing impact you’ve had on my life. My transformation from before I started working with you to the present day is immeasurable. I can’t even begin to describe the shift I’ve made spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I honestly cannot thank you enough for the absolute wonderful change you brought me. I am so very happy, confident and secure. Thank you.” – Erika

“I have lost a total of 70 lbs so far. I feel stronger and the work outs definitely help me have so much energy and I feel so much better. I feel so focused afterwards and the stress of being a mom and teacher melts away. It feels great!!!  Though I feel I have come along way, the journey has just started for me.” Marla Finley

“I just want to thank you. Your advice and pilates videos changed my life. It’s been 9 months at my new weight. I lost over 50lb from being 9 months pregnant. And I now weigh about 115lb.I tell my friends about you and two are now also learning your pilates and healthy eating life style.” Emily MagDougall

“Hi Erin, I am a fan of you from Istanbul Turkey:)) You’ve reached a long way!  I do your pilates exercises almost everyday, and I’m very surprised to see how they work so magically and make instant changes on my body.. So I owe you many thanks..I love your videos and tattoos:) you’re not like those boring teachers:)Love…Hande Gunel

“hello erin!! you are my hero!! straight out, your pilates and food advice has helped me so much!! AliciaB310″

“Erin! You’re such an inspiration! Operation Shape Shift has changed my life! When I started Operation Shape Shift in October 08 my goal weight was 30 pounds by April 09  – I lost 35 pounds! Plus I’m eating better than I ever did I still keep my goal up near my computer at work. I completed my goal– However it still keeps me motivated.  You’re wonderful! Thank you so much!” Christina Crouch

“hey hey, thank you, btw… i’ve lost 16 pounds now… thank you thank you thank you! mi55monroe”

“Erin Huggins is such a motivational person, combining her own life experience, practices and charisma, she is able to create this great natural weight loss program. Starting with the root of self-confidence and mental power, the program really works all aspects of establishing a healthy lifestyle. Within a matter of days, I was able to notice a change in my mood, energy level, stamina and eating habits. I could stop eating when I was full, eat more balanced meals and snacks, sleep better and kick butt in my workouts! The amazing thing is that all of these changes were not a false caffeine-high from some over the counter weight loss pill or gimmick, but rather sheer mental alterations to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle. It is easy, harmless and fool-proof! It’s like “The Secret” for the mind and body!” Arielle Viny Photographer and Photo Producer

“I am always skeptical about fitness and weight-loss programs but am always the person looking for the “quick” solution.  This program is the key to understanding it’s a mental and lifestyle change that happens gradually but is permanent, and will help you reach your goal and maintain it without tremendous effort.  Changing your mind is the basis for changing your body and OSS does this.” Gayle Boulware, entertainment manager

“If you are ready for a real common sense weight loss program that puts you in charge of your own body, this is the one. I feel better about my body and better about myself.  I realize that the power to change my body is truly in my own hands and I fully realize that through OSS.” Bridget Brady, Actor, Singer, Entrepreneur

Operation Shape Shift is a remarkable, fresh and simple way to shift your thinking and feel empowered with the battle of the bulge. Operation Shape Shift is unlike any weight loss program I have ever tried — and believe me there have been many. It gave me lifelong tools I needed to be able to take control of my eating habits and have the motivation necessary to get my body moving every single day. I love how I no longer have to buy the newest diet fad, now that I have the knowledge and the power to make healthy choices and lose weight is found within me.” Regan Robinson CMO, partner

“After the holidays I was in a funk about the pounds I had piled on. When I decided to do OSS I was excited about the idea of getting back on track and losing the weight I had gained.  At first I didn’t know what to expect, but I trusted the method and was happy to take steps to achieve my goal.  This program is extremely motivational and I find it is motivation, in the end, that is the key to losing weight, getting fit and making those changes a part of your life.  Thanks to OSS I understand what needs to be done to lose weight and stay healthy and it’s thanks to OSS that I stay motivated to achieve my goal.” Jessica attorney

Operation Shape Shift is the perfect motivational tool while making a healthy lifestyle change. Mixed with proper eating and regular exercise Operation Shape Shift gives your brain the positive fuel it needs to be successful!” J. Nutile writer

“This program can dramatically improve your mindset so that you will pass on the junk food and make time for exercise. That is the only way to become a healthier you! I really recommend this program – it helped me change the bad habits that were preventing me from losing weight week after week. OSS is easy and fun! Let the program help you help yourself!” private client

We all look forward to having Erin visit us in the office! Thank you so much for coming to us – it really makes it easier for us to stick with our health and wellness goals. We appreciate your willingness and time so much. Bridget Leininger, Publicist

Erin Huggins is one of the best Pilates teachers with whom I have ever trained. I was introduced to Pilates over six years ago in NYC and loved it. But training with Erin has been a totally different experience. Not only is she a great teacher, but she also has a beautiful disposition and is extremely understanding when my hectic work schedule gets out of control. She loves what she does and it shows in her meticulous attention to detail. I look forward to my morning Pilates workouts with her.  Nadine Shubailat, News Producer

I have been a Pilates student of Erin’s for about eight months, with classes once a week. I have spinal disc and arthritic problems. I practice yoga on a daily basis, but feel that since I’ve added Pilates to my routine I have stronger core strength. Pilates is a great compliment to yoga. Erin is a teacher who inspires you to work hard. She makes each session different and always challenging. She is warm and has upbeat energy. I always leave her studio feeling stronger and better than when I arrived.  Paula J. Campbell, Business Manager

The thing that I find most amazing about working with Erin is that when I’m there, the time flies by and it doesn’t really feel like work, yet when I leave I feel like I’ve had a great work-out. She mixes things up so it doesn’t get boring, and makes use of every second you’re there. After six months of doing semi-private’s with Erin, I stand taller, feel stronger, and I can see the results in the mirror. She makes working-out easy. She’s a wonderful person and a great Pilates instructor.  Kirk Raffield, Business Owner

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