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The Shape Show Radio is  a powerful resource providing cutting edge health, nutrition, fitness and personal development tools to help you shape your bad-ass life.

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Topics include: fat-loss, eco-friendly, natural skin care, increasing success & productivity, whole foods, fitness and lifestyle improvement.

Skyrocket your health, wellbeing, awareness, productivity and personal success with this synergy of holistic life-enhancing topics and guests.

The Shape Show Radio launches this December with health and lifestyle experts that will help you have a hot and healthy holiday season.


PREMIER SHOW! December 7th at 3pm pacific time with The Good Life Guru, Ana Caban of Ana is an internationally recognized health, fitness and lifestyle expert.

How to Avoid Holiday Temptation and Stay Fit During the Holidays with Ana Caban. Dec. 7th 3pm PST.

Ana wants everyone to have a healthy, balanced and prosperous life. Creating a line of beset selling DVD’s based on her popular and highly-addictive classes was just the beginning of a mission that she conducts in two languages and bridging two cultures, as a successful fitness & lifestyle personality, certified wellness coach and radio and TV host.

This infectiously energetic mom of a young son has built a dedicated legion of fans including celebrity clients getting for red-carpet, fitness enthusiasts looking for more as well as high-achieving professionals and mompreneurs who strive to incorporate some form of fitness into their jam-packed lives. Ana’s growing catalog of products, programs, and merchandise all reflect her core philosophy of the importance of living “La Buena Life” (The Good Life), a happy, healthy and prosperous life.


Eco-Sexy Your Holidays and Your Life with Green Goddess Giselle Achecar From Dec. 14th 3pm PST.

Giselle’s mission is to help you help the earth by making simple, inexpensive changes that create a global difference – and have fun while you’re at it.  She often hears people say how being “eco” is difficult, expensive, time consuming and boring. Au contraire!

Giselle wants to set you straight with EcoSexy tips and aphrodisiac-laden recipes to spice up your holidays. You’ve gotta look good, feel good and eat good while doing good. As this eco-Mom likes to say: Happy people don’t want to blow up the world. They want to save it. And she intends to help you do that with passion, purpose and action.

Start small. Practice the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle. Then pour yourself an organic red wine, light some soy candles and listen in as Giselle helps us become more eco-sexy for the holidays and throughout the year. Check out more at


Weight Loss Psychology & The Benefits of Traditional Food with Nutritionist, Women’s Health Expert and Author of Healthy Urban Kitchen Antonio Valladares Dec. 21st 3pm PST

Antonio is a nutritionist, exercise specialist, wellness coach and licensed massage therapist in New York City. Antonio specializes in women’s health – balancing hormones, enhancing fertility, pre/post natal – for more than a decade.

Antonio has been rated NYC’s ‘Best Personal Trainer of The Year’ and has been featured in The New York Times, Washington Post, Sports Illustrated and many others.

Currently Antonio works with women to help them repair their metabolism from years of dieting, chronic stress and hormonal imbalances and also women who wish to enhance their fertility.

We’ll discuss this mind/body approach and how the holidays can be a great time to enhance your health.

Check out more about Antonio here: or here:


How To Become a Wellness Warrior in 2011 with Hillary Rubin {Not Your Typical New Year’s Resolution Show} January 4th 3pm PST

Hillary is a true warrior for wellness. After receiving a crushing diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in her twenties she went on a quest to heal her body, mind and spirit using a combination of natural and holistic therapies.  She created a pain-free, depression-free and joyful life.

Hillary has dedicated her healing arts practice to  helping women around the world achieve the mind/body connection necessary to kick  horrifying health issues in the butt and discover the secrets to living healthy, happy and whole.

Hook up with Hillary here:

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