Finally! The perfect hybrid of private holistic health coaching PLUS group support, motivation and accountability.

Overwhelmed by all the different diets out there? Does nothing seem to apply to you? Tired of trying to piece together the perfect health program for your individual needs and goals? Do you desperately need someone to hold your hand and tell you exactly what to do? But also wish you had the support of a group who was just as determined to get healthy as you?

It’s time to bring your holistic hottie out of hiding!

For the first time I’m offering my 12 Week Transformation in a group coaching tele-course with bonus private coaching included.

Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and drag your body behind you all day long? Are you a tired, cranky, emotionally unstable mess?

Are you confused about what to eat? Tired of guessing? And sick of wandering the grocery store like a deer in headlights?

And the truth is, sometimes we need someone to tell us what to do, hold our hand and walk us through the transition – step by step. There’s only so far reading books, listening to podcasts, reading blogs and treating your body like a science experiment can get you. Sound familiar?

I talk to women every day who are, chronically fatigued, have body aches, migraines, are time-crunched and sick of taking drastic measures. If you are serious about getting healthy, increasing your energy, losing fat, sleeping better, feeling more confident and better in your own skin — then I want to work with you.

You are not alone.

We are all at different levels of awareness about health, nutrition, wellness and our personal responsibility for it all.  I’m constantly growing and expanding in my knowledge of what the human body needs to be truly healthy.  I’m constantly improving my programs and courses through client feedback, working with my own health coach and continuing my education in holistic health and nutrition.

Be honest. Does your daily reality looks like this?

✔ you wake up feeling unrested and out of it.

✔  you check your email, phone or turn the t.v on before you eat breakfast

✔ you cram a muffin in your mouth on your way out the door, then immediately feel hungry, tired and bloated and would rather just go back to bed.

✔ your skin is splotchy, puffy, your body feels achy, swollen and bloated.

✔ your bowel movements are hit and miss and belly aches are common.

✔ you lack the energy to get through your busy day, let alone exercise.

✔ you can gain 20 pounds just looking at a piece of cake.

These symptoms are common. But just because it’s common to feel unhealthy, tired, bloated and depressed, doesn’t mean it’s normal. It’s NOT normal to feel bad. Your body desperately wants to be balanced and healthy. And most people are simply not providing the body with the correct tools to get the job done. Most of us are eating a cocktail of crap that disrupts metabolism, hormone function, digestion, detoxification and cellular respiration.

Ask yourself this life-changing, paradigm-shifting question.

If your health is messed up AND you need to lose weight, what do you think is the BEST solution to your problem?

A) restoring your health by eating well, moving correctly, improving your lifestyle and practicing patience

B) starving yourself, exercising 5 + days a week to exhaustion, comparing health to airbrushed super models

c) doing the HCG diet or having lap band surgery

The easiest way to get your body back….

…. is not always the quickest. If you need to lose weight, health must be restored. Restoring health takes the right  steps, the right food, the right exercise (and sometimes means NO exercise for a while) patience and mindset.

TOUGH LOVE ALERT: most people aren’t willing to be proactive and invest in their health, take responsibility and make the daily choices necessary to reach their goal. Most people are instead reacting to poor health only when it gets to be an emergency.

Are you most people? NO! Deep down you are a wellness warrior! And it’s time to embrace her, embody her and claim her. Health and vitality is your birthright.

Why you should invest in your health and The 12 Week Transformation program

  • jumpstart a new healthy lifestyle you are proud of
  • feel better, improve your energy and mental focus
  • improve sleep, feel well rested and restored
  • increase vitality, productivity and performance at work
  • feel more confident and improve your self-esteem
  • know what to eat, how to move and how to restore healthy balance
  • improve complexion, get glowing radiant skin
  • love the way you look and feel on the inside and out

What you’ll get when you invest in your health and the 12 Week Transformation Program

  • 90 days of holistic health & wellness support via the group tele-course
  • initial intake forms
  • hormone assessment, health assessment
  • metabolism screen & thyroid function assessment
  • motivation assessment
  • sample menus, healing recipes
  • weekly diet check record reporting & accountability
  • 3 – private 30 minute sessions
  • Bi-Weekly group support, Q & A calls
  • paired with a Transformation Buddy for extra accountability, support and motivation

PLUS these supercharged FREE bonuses

  • get instant access to my 2 downloadable pilates videos
  • download my guided meditations to help mentally motivate you while you sleep
  • FREE weekly live streaming workouts – short, effective workouts for time-challenged, results driven busy wellness warrior!

I’m looking for wellness warriors.

I’m looking for a “few good women!” who are ready, willing and able to come together in a health partnership, to take a stand for health, vitality and body freedom from an inside out, holistic point of view. If you are looking to improve your health, increase your energy, boost your metabolism, sleep better and lose fat if  you need to – this program is for you.  If you can follow instructions, adopt a “no matter what!” attitude and give it your all for 90 days, while also surrendering to the process and allowing results to flow out of health – this program is for you.

This program might not be a fit for you if…

Your’e looking for someone else to fix you and you’re not willing to take responsibility for your health. You can’t or are unwilling to follow instructions. You are only looking for a quick fix and too impatient to work on health first. You are vegetarian who is unwilling to include animal products into your diet even if it means improving YOUR health.  You must be willing to implement. To put it bluntly… this program is for wellness warriors not wellness wussies.

The 12 Week Transformation Group Tele-course starts Monday May 16th and is open to 20 women only.

(Secure your spot now & take advantage of the early bird price and 3 pay option)

normally $1997

group tele-course discount tuition $997*


3 installments of $333 for 3 months*

(*by enrolling in this program you are agreeing to the following terms)
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