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You might be here because you’re looking for a way to generate more buzz about you and your business and you’ve heard that Youtube & video marketing can help with that.

You might also be here because you are time-crunched, rad entrepreneur with so much cool stuff going on and you want effective marketing strategies that  help you market your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… while you sleep, for free. I dunno. Maybe, you’d like that?

That’s awesome. Because Bridget and I are hosting a virtual youtube for business retreat Saturday June 28th. And we’re going to rock your world.

What if you there was a way to hack the psychology of your potential client (they’ll think you’re reading their mind), then create a simple low-tech, high-touch video that connects straight to the heart AND drives traffic to your website, while boosting sales?

Yes Erin & Bridget, I’m ready to flex my video marketing muscles. I want more clients, more clout and learn how to use Youtube to market my business on autopilot.

  You are my new hero!! LOVE what you are doing, am learning loads from your Video Marketing classes!  Angela Jia Kim, Savor The Success

Here are 10 reasons to start using video now.

1. It’s hypnotic. Video involves more of the senses. People can see you, hear you and get a feel for who you are and what you’re about in video. 2. Lightening speed connection. Video makes it faster for your audience to build a relationship with you and develop the “know, like and trust” factor… which by the way, doesn’t come for free with video. You have to be authentic and actually be someone your audience wants to “know, like and trust.”

3. Instant inspiration and motivation. Video also allows you to express your passion in a way that static text could never do. This inspires your audience to take action. With video you can connect to your prospects and clients right away. Give them a challenge, a tip or an action to implement, so they can immediately feel motivated and invested to take action.

4. Radically increase sales & decrease returns. – discovered that viewers who watched video converted at 400% higher than those who did not. They also found a decrease in returns by 25%.

5. Massive exposure through video SEO. Did you know Google owns Youtube?  Yep.  And if you play your cards right, you too can see your videos show up in Google. With proper optimization your video has a 53% higher chance of seeing the first page of google.

6. Reach thousands of prospects, for FREE. Once you learn how to make dynamic, interactive videos that convert all you have to do is upload them. This cost you nothing but your time. Youtube is free.

7. Value add. Video allows you to give people a quick taste of what you are about and what you have to offer. Share a tip and improve their life now! This increases their life and they will remember you as the one who authentically shares and cares.

8. Increase credibility. Because being on camera is associated with celebrity and celebrity is associated with credibility, doing video gives you instant, celebrity like credibility. Yes please!

9. Make money. We all want to serve more and be rewarded for our service. Video is another way for you to market yourself, your business and your services so you can be of more service and make more money.

10. Media exposure! – Looking for guest speaking gigs? Want to be interviewed as the expert in your field? Want media and press exposure?  Get your beautiful, talented self in front of a camera and watch the magic happen. I was approached by a team of TV producers to star in my own TV show about wellness. Reporters, press and producers actually use youtube and google when they are in need of experts for a story or a show.

But Erin & Bridget….I’m totally nervous to be on camera!

Who isn’t? 

I was really nervous to be on camera when I started too. I was awkward. I said, “um” every 20 seconds. I had “shifty” eyes. I didn’t know what to do with my hands, how to look at the camera, what to wear, how to do my make up. In fact, I cried after I uploaded my first Youtube video. So, yeah. I can totally relate to feeling nervous about being on camera.

I WISH I had Bridget to coach me all those years ago. Bridget has spend nearly 20 years on stage and in front of the camera as an actress, singer and performer. She’s going to give you all her best strategies for feeling confident and charismatic on camera.  She’ll help you relax and deliver your great content with ease.

Shooting videos that are compelling, educational, entertaining, drive traffic to your website and make you money is a learned skill.  If I can do it. So can you! You don’t need to be a show producer to know how to create high-touch Youtube videos that help you connect with your target audience. In fact, my husband produces some of the most popular tv shows out there (Think Housewives 😉 and when it comes to using online video or Youtube for promotional purposes he sends people my way, not to his fancy producer and editor friends.

Using online video for your business is about you becoming the relatable authority. Not about you being so perfectly polished, unreachable and un-relatable. 

Get your hot buns in our virtual video marketing immersion for beginners.

  • Learn how to make videos that captivate – It’s no longer “sit back and watch.” Your prospects want to “lean in and participate.” I will teach you how to make videos that get your prospects involved, engaged and “active” in what you are saying.
  • Learn how to tag, describe and title your videos to get more traffic  – Many people make the mistake of thinking that just shooting videos and putting them on Youtube = video marketing. It’s not. Uploading a video to youtube is not a strategy. I will teach you what to do BEFORE you even shoot your video that will optimize your opportunity to attract your ideal clients.
  • Stuck on topic ideas?  There are plenty of ways to find hot topics that not only give you great content, but will increase your seo too.


Here’s what you’ll get: PART ONE: We’ll cover….

  • Lights
  • Audio
  • Editing
  • Youtube 101Erin Bridget
  • Hair
  • Make-up


  • Types of videos
  • More keyword goodness
  • Hot Hooks
  • Headlines
  • Scripts
  • Vocal Excellence
  • On-Chamera Charisma

A 4 hour webinar style Youtube and video marketing intensive for beginners.  Step-by-step instructinos showing you EXACTLY what you need to do, in what order to launch powerful videos that market your business and send you traffic.

Saturday June 28th 12-4pm




Blast Your Biz and Your Brand With YouTube & Video Marketing
  • Build a YouTube presence that makes you more marketable as a speaker or expert
  • Create a YouTube show – giving you a “celebrity-like” credibility
  • Attract your ideal clients or opportunities with simple online video
  • Where the pros go to find video topic ideas that generate targeted website traffic
  • Create emotionally compelling video that connects you heart-to-heart with your prospects
  • Breakthrough your “on-camera” terror barrier and step into the spotlight
  • On-camera charisma: how to shoot video with ease that attract more prospects and clients
  • On-camera technique:  how to look and sound your best
  • Cross platform Social Media Marketing
  • Turn video views into SALES!

Transform Your Business With Video

Rise-Up To Your Full Prosperity Potential Using The Power Of Video Marketing

  • Imagine if you had an army if marketing ninja’s working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Imagine spending a few hours making a kick-ass video, but it was bringing your business leads for years
  • Imagine being known as the “go-to” in your field
  • Imagine generating massive business leverage and reach
  • Imagine millions of people hearing your message
  • Imagine having an unfair advantage over your competition

All of this is possible with simple online videos.

Join Bridget and Erin LIVE

This 4 hour power-packed video marketing virtual retreat is an interactive educational experience for those looking to elevate their business with video. Register now!

Just $97!


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