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Hello Speakers, Small Business Owners and Authors!

Sick of not having the impact you desire? Sick of feeling like a “small fish?” Do you feel like you’re the “best kept secret?”

What would it feel like to be sought after as the speaker in your field? What would it feel like to have clients chasing you? What would if feel like to know your book has changed thousands of lives globally?

I was feeling “trapped” by my brick and mortar pilates and wellness business. I knew I wanted to have a freedom based business and owning my studio – although financially successful – was like having 2 full time jobs. I wanted to make more impact and more money.

I decided to start shooting simple Youtube videos. And thank God I did.

It was the first time I really felt like the freedom I wanted was actually attainable. I started getting people from all over the world leaving comments about how my video were changing their lives and I knew it was time to close my brick and mortar and start offering virtual training programs.

My Video Marketing Experience & Results:

Brought my business thousands of new prospects and newsletter subscribers.

My nutrition and coaching revenue has increased 80% since promoting on Youtube.

Contracted with one of Youtube’s largest content publishers to provide (paid) content to their massive network of over 67 million subscribers.

Contacted by producers to have my own healthy lifestyle cable t.v show – they found me searching for talent on Youtube.

Why you can’t afford to ignore Youtube:

  • Youtube is the second largest search engine behind Google
  • There are over 800 million unique users to Youtube each month
  • Over 4 billion hours of video are watched each month on Youtube
  • 72 hours of video uploaded to Youtube each minute
  • Building a platform on Youtube makes you more marketable as a speaker or expert.
  • The bigger the audience the bigger your speaker fees
  • Video marketing gives you celebrity-like-credibility

Benefits of Video Marketing

  •  Online retailer reported shoppers who viewed product video were 144% more likely to add product to  cart.
  •   Visitors who view product video are 85% more likely to buy.
  • showed a dramatic 400% increase in sales when they added video to their website. They also showed their returns decrease by 25%.
  •   Video in email marketing can increase click-through rates by  over 96%.
  • Using video makes it much easier for you and your business to be discovered online. With proper video search engine optimization your video has a 53 times higher chance of showing up on page one of Google.
  • Using video gives you an unfair advantage over your competition – super-charges the “know, like and trust” factor.
  • Using video automatically makes you relevant to your market.  Those not using it look out of touch and even irrelevant.
  • Leverage of reach. If no one knows about you then you aren’t going to be serving very many people. Video allows you to leverage a much bigger audience. One video can be seen by 1000’s or even millions of people.

Introducing my Video and Youtube Marketing Home-Study Course

You will discover:

Unit 1: Video Marketing Essentials and Techie Tools

  • Video Intro/ tutorial
  • 2 Video Tutorial’s & Additional Links and Resources
  • Best Camera Equipment
  • Lighting and Sound principles
  • Youtube 101

Unit 2: How To Craft Compelling Content

  • Video Tutorial & Additional Links and Resources
  • Scripts – essential elements of an effective script
  • Best video length
  • Types of videos
  • Keywords are key

Unit 3 Hooks, Headlines and Traffic Building Secrets

  • Video Tutorial & Additional Links & Resources
  • 5 Hot Hooks to Engage Your Audience
  • Create Headlines That Turn Heads
  • Video Search Engine Optimization

Unit 4: The Details That Deliver

  • Video Tutorial & Additional Links & Resources
  • Video Ideas “Hot Zones”
  • Sales Video outline
  • Advanced video traffic strategies


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